Lessons From My Travels: Fulfillment and the drive within

There’s something marvelous about the world that just drove me to explore it. That something was a feeling from within, and I never really understood where it came from or where it wanted me to go, but I grew to trust it. After all, I was just a little girl from a small town in the even smaller country of Qatar who never planned to leave, but was always pushed out somehow:

  • I wanted to Study at a local University and was rejected, though the United States happily took me in. I had an opportunity to stay back and look for work, I inevitably chose to go home.
  • I was offered a short term assignment in the Netherlands and had a visa which allowed me to stay, I chose to go back home and study Law, which my family nor my employer approved of.
  • Finally, the universe decided to give me one last push: either stay behind forever, or explore the world now. I chose to leave.

I always went back home because I wanted to see things change, grow, and wanted to be part of it all. I wanted the home that rejected me to still be my home, and I wanted others like me to feel at home, too.

I am now faced with the reality that I’ve been carrying my home with me my whole life (as cheesy as it sounds).

And I’ve noticed that for many others as well: Not only have they been carrying their homes with them, travelling the world and exploring, but they too, are driven by a desire they don’t necessarily understand.

The more we discover about the world the more we understand that there are people who are happy, just, to be.

They’re beyond agile.

We keep forgetting that beyond agility there’s drive, grit, and the ability to dust off and move forward. There are emotions that are beyond our current mental framing which shape us, give us energy, challenge us and do more for us than conventional society had.

Sometimes we call it destiny, sometimes we call it the universe, often we call it Purpose; whatever we may call it, there is something inside of us that feels beyond us.

It is a source of change, and desire to be part of something bigger.

It is also unconventional.

What I hope to do with this series, “lessons from my travels” is record the lessons I learned in the last 5 or so years not only from personal experience, but the beautiful and often unconventional stories of others.

Because if these lessons helped me become a more fulfilled human being, they’re bound to influence you, too, if you let them.

So subscribe, check in often, and hope you enjoy my writing.