English for beginners | Czego szukasz w Święta?

I love making my clients cry.

I’m not mean, well, most times, but I did make them cry tears from sheer wholesomeness, and it gave her a few ideas, too.

A client of mine is a university student in London who is going into her Masters’s program at a mid-tier university

She wants to build her life there, but, has issues with knowing what she wants, or how she can get there.

The culprit? Missing Purpose

She’s smart, determined, but lacked focus and clarity

so I used an old, but amazing video produced by Allegro to explain what a person ”determined to succeed” does to get there and even got a few ideas for her on how to truly master learning and unlock her potential.

So here’s how to learn anything, including language, courtesy of Allegro:

  • Record everything in one place. whether analog with paper and pen, digitally, or both! The general purpose is to have everything contained and accessible to you, it helps with the next point:
  • Repeat key information whether exercises, formulas or sentences. Even if you don’t fully grasp them yet, the purpose is to engrain them in memory.
English for beginners | Czego szukasz w Święta? — YouTube
  • Once there’s some understanding, play! Put it into use in different scenarios, and don’t fear making mistakes, that’s how you know where something works, and where it doesn’t. This phase of experimentation allows for the pollination of ideas, too.
  • Immerse yourself, make the learning part of your routine, everyday life, and more.
  • Make it Social! whether it is an accountability buddy, a conversation buddy, a MeetUp, or your dog in his case. Get someone that can help keep you on track, and someone you can learn and exchange with too. we’re social animals anyways.
  • Be Consistent. One of my biggest mistakes in life is in my inability to stick to anything or a routine, so I cannot stress this enough from experience. What differentiates people is really consistency, which I think compliments Angela Duckworth’s theory on Grit.

And maybe then, you’d also cry 😢

English for beginners | Czego szukasz w Święta?

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